Introduction to Freeride tecnique for intermediate to expert skiers. Freeride trips for experts

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The Freeride World evokes memories of freedom and descents outside the box, in which the contact with nature is an unique added value. For those who already have a good grasp of the technique, the next step is off-piste skiing or freeride. Skiing off-piste, opening your own new track in the snow creates incredible emotions and feelings …… but without risk: safety is a necessary and essential condition.

Optional Heliskiing tours!
Accompanied by an instructor and a mountain guide on magnificient snowy slopes.



Safety norms will be observed: use of avalanche rescue instrumentation (ARTVA, SHOVEL AND PROBE) , criteria for route selection depending on weather and snow conditions and a particolar skiing technique of this discipline.

The use of a backpack with Artva, shovel and probe is mandatory (rental 16,00€ per day)

In The price we offer:

  • transport from and to the hotel

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Find out what your level is

Lev. 1 – Introductory

Especially organized for our young future skiers.

Lev. 2 – Elementary

For who come from the beginners course

Lev. 3 – Basis

Turn parallel skis on blue runs and start skiing on red runs.

Lev. 4 – Basic Intermediate

You are calm even on red runs with parallel skis

Lev. 5 – Intermediate

You know how to ski in different environments, make tight, medium and wide turns with good command of the skis even on black slopes.

Lev. 6 – Advanced

You start skiing in conduction, make tight, medium and wide turns with excellent command of the skis in different environments.

Lev. 7 – Sporty

You know how to make short, serpentine and parallel runs on different slopes and environments


you’ve never been snowboarding.


make elementary turns on easy tracks.


make turns with medium speed on blue and red tracks


ability to tackle any type of track and slope. Switch gait and basic notions of freestyle