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Cristallo Ski School, among the most important ski schools in the Veneto region, is located in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Established in 1997, it is characterized by a friendly, family-friendly environment ready to meet the needs of young and old alike. The school provides highly qualified, up-to-date instructors who follow students during lessons on all the slopes of Cortina and the Dolomiti Superski area.

Cortina’s ski and snowboard instructors are just waiting for you!

The Cristallo-Cortina Italian Ski & Snowboard School consists of a team of “Snow Professionals.” Their experience guarantees seriousness, competence and lots of fun. Always keeping up to date technically, the School can boast a wide range of daily, weekly or single-weekend offerings. In both low and high season, Cristallo Ski School provides its masters for some private lessons, special ski courses for beginners, group ski courses suitable for adults and children, full-day ski courses, and even ski trips and exciting snow hiking in the Ampezzo Dolomites.

The Cristallo-Cortina Ski & Snowboard School, founded in 1997, provides qualified, up-to-date ski and snowboard instructors who speak English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian, and who follow clients during lessons on all Cortina and Dolomiti Superski slopes.

We offer the option of arranging your own “Tailor Made” ski vacation, with a private instructor at your disposal for full or half day, with transportation to the slopes included.

All followed with professionalism and courtesy, with special attention to safety and health especially of the youngest, in a setting where there will be no shortage of fun and opportunities to make new friends.

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Find out what your level is

Lev. 1 – Introductory

Especially organized for our young future skiers.

Lev. 2 – Elementary

For who come from the beginners course

Lev. 3 – Basis

Turn parallel skis on blue runs and start skiing on red runs.

Lev. 4 – Basic Intermediate

You are calm even on red runs with parallel skis

Lev. 5 – Intermediate

You know how to ski in different environments, make tight, medium and wide turns with good command of the skis even on black slopes.

Lev. 6 – Advanced

You start skiing in conduction, make tight, medium and wide turns with excellent command of the skis in different environments.

Lev. 7 – Sporty

You know how to make short, serpentine and parallel runs on different slopes and environments


you’ve never been snowboarding.


make elementary turns on easy tracks.


make turns with medium speed on blue and red tracks


ability to tackle any type of track and slope. Switch gait and basic notions of freestyle